ANTIFA designation of a Terrorist Organisation to come from Trump?

So recently USA president said that he would designate ANTIFA as a terrorist Organisation. Now, this statement is very controversial on its own. So we will discuss in detail the following.

      • What is Polarization?
      • What is ANTIFA?
      • The role of ANTIFA in recent US riots?
      • What is the view angle of China?
      • The aftermath of designation.

What is Polarisation?

If you are aware of our Geography you have heard about the South pole and North pole. So basically South pole and North pole are two different directions of our world which are farthest in distance. Similarly we humans have a mindset that may be similar or may be different. Now when this mindset becomes as far as possible then we call it Polarisation.

So if we connect geography with politics then we can say when views and ideology of two humans don’t match we say they are polarised. Now it would not be a matter of fear if it is between two humans. This makes the world dirty when this polarisation gives birth to organizations formed by millions of people.

So there are two poles in the human mind right now. This process is not completed yet but based on research it is growing in the world right now. Specifically, if we discuss the most developed country in the world USA te polarisation is at its peak.

ANTIFA polarisation
Source: Google images
    • Extreme Right

If we talk about the US far-right group then one name can be highlighted here is the neo-Nazi group THE BASE. The Neo-Nazi means we can say a modernized version of Hitler’s Nazi group. And the core pillar of their ideology is the Anglo-German or the European race is the superior one compared to other races and the white race should not mix its race with other races.

Also, they believe that there must be an ethno-white state or country in which the white citizens are only allowed and the non-white people like Africans, Indians, Middle east don’t have an entry in that state. This is a wide supremacist group.

They formed in 2018 and are very much active in the USA, Canada, South-Africa, Australia( The famous mosque attack done by Australian in new-Zeland ). For more details, you can go through a new york times article about the same.

Though their numbers are very much less in the whole world this a worrying fact that yes they are spreading very fast. It is also seen that when there is some protest the Neo-Nazi groups wave Nazi flags in the USA ground.

    • Extreme Left

Now our main focus comes where we will discuss the far-Left group of USA, ANTIFA.

What is ANTIFA?

Source: Google images

ANTIFA is an ideology on their own. This is global. They are active in Germany, the UK, and the USA. Translation of its German ABBR is ANTIFACIST. So they are basically against Fascism, against white supremacy. They never want an ethno-white state also, they don’t promote the thinking that one race is superior to others. They also promote LGBT community rights and raise voice for them.

So ANTIFA and THE BASE are very much polarised we can say because the ideologies are different.

But the fascinating fact is that ANTIFA doesn’t have any structured organization also they don’t have any specific hierarchy and also people don’t know how they communicate. ANTIFA has been around for several decades, though accounts vary on its exact beginning.

It is said that this organization draws its members from other movements such as Black lives Matter and Occupy Wall-street movement. They solely believe that they should be anti-capitalist and they support communism too. They can follow anarchism too if they need to achieve Communism.

Activists engaged in digital activism, property damage and physical violence, and harassment against whom they identify as racist, fascist, on on the right far. So if we see the darker side of his they are no making any solution here, they only want anarchy that’s all. They only want to strike down the current establishment people say.

ANTIFA mainly came into the act during Hitler’s Nazi Germany, but we all know the fact at that time ANTIFA could not stop Nazis. So they failed in the 1930s in Germany and get rejuvenated in the 1980s. But after Donald Trump came in power, who himself is accused of being racist, the ANTIFA activist grown to a high peak. US college campuses are attracted to ANTIFA.

What is the role of ANTIFA in recent US riots?

If you have heard about George Floyd protests, who was an African American who died because of police brutality. In response to that people started riots in different places. It is said by the people that ANTIFA has played a significant role in the recent George Floyd protests. Counter attacking this Donald Trump said he would designate ANTIFA as a terrorist group. Because he believes that the recent protest violence is spread by ANTIFA only.

What is the view angle of China?

China always shows some interest in US riots. Recently China’s news channel GLOBAL TIMES published an article Chinese call Minneapolis “A beautiful sight“.

Also, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying recently commented “I can’t breath” on her Twitter handle supporting the protestors.

The aftermath of designation.

Now it is very hard for Donald Trump to recognize ANTIFA as a terrorist Organisation because,

  • As ANTIFA doesn’t have any structured place of work, how can he recognize?
  • Who to recognize?
  • How to recognize?
  • The USA doesn’t have any domestic terrorism act. First, we need to make an ACT out of it.
  • Only one way is there, he can strike them down at the time of protest only.

So what do you think about Donald Trump’s this action let us know in the common box below?


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