Best gaming affiliate programs earns $500 per week passive income

We’re gonna do something a little bit different is it kind of gonna be like a combination of things because I have a couple of different groups who have been asking about this just in
different ways.
So I figured I’d go ahead and sit down and answer some of these questions about best gaming affiliate programs so as many of you guys know we are working right now on our Weebly tutorials and looking at you know creating a Weebly store and selling stuff and things like that but one of the other options like what we did in our last post was instead of sending traffic straight to our site to buy stuff from us we can send people to other people’s websites and get them to buy their stuff and then we get a commission off of it.

I believe it was so we’re gonna kind of talk about best gaming affiliate programs a little bit today and then also discuss a little bit of how we find these affiliate programs how we set them up and then how we apply them to our web sites.

I decided to pick just one category which is gaming which is a huge one but you know a lot of people think that it’s hard to do this so if you want to make money
playing video games then this is the way that we do it.
That’s you know that’s how I’m using affiliate in my content I give you guys the information tell you about how these different things work and if you’re interested click on my link usually it comes with a coupon and then you can sign up you get access to the software and then sometimes I’ll get a commission off of it not always but you know it
depends on the offer.

HostGator the best gaming affiliate program

So here is the first and popular one I’m using right now this is probably the main source of affiliate income that I receive and this is through Hostgator and it’s cool because I love Hostgator they do all kinds of neat stuff but the way that this works is every time somebody signs up for Hostgator using one of my links.

Huge commission:

Then I get a commission for it so the first one to five people who sign up per month I make $50 each and then if 6 to 10 people sign up I’ll make $75 each and then if I may have 11 to 20 people sign up I make $100 each okay so at that rate you’re talking about one thousand one hundred to two thousand dollars and then over here at twenty-one plus I make one hundred and twenty-five dollars and so if 21 people sign up using my affiliate link.

Easy sharing/linking:

Then I’d make two thousand six hundred twenty-five dollars that month which is pretty cool and like the way that they explain on here that’s the reason I pulled this up so you can put a link on your website, you can put a link in your YouTube video

Amazon Affiliate Program

The second one we’re gonna look at today is Amazon because Amazon sells everything there is nothing that you cannot buy on Amazon well I guess that makes sense huh. So we’re gonna talk about gaming stuff right so we’re gonna click on gaming we have keyboards we have lots of joystick computers accessories sunglasses, Nintendo Switch – Joy-Con Charging Grip, chairs, headphones, desks, actual computer and you can get the computer parts cases you know just all kinds of absolutely insane stuff.

Easy sign up:

Okay, this is perfect so I want this thing right and this is something that I want to promote on my website so there are a couple of different ways you can do this once you are Amazon affiliate which is an easy thing to do all you need to do is go to Amazon website straight to the login and scroll down to the very end of the page and select become an affiliate.

Sign up and then you can advertise people’s products on Amazon on your website and then can get up to ten percent in advertising fees that means that if something costs ten bucks you make a dollar, okay and that comes out of Amazon’s share of the profit just so you guys know so it doesn’t cost the person who’s purchasing the object.

Variable commission:

I do believe that the Commission is a little bit different for gaming or for like the actual games but I believe this only comes into effect if you’re selling like digital downloads I think that’s where it’s different but it was that’s Amazon it’s really easy.

It’s easy to set up and then once you’re up all you got to do is come over here
click some button and have a link to the entire search. Click here for my previous post on Amazon Audible.


Next, this one is called share a sell and this is one of the ones that I use to promote Weebly, and again you can sell video game stuff on here you can sell pretty much anything you could think of so here our PlayStation again our PlayStation Network games. Ranks 3rd in Best gaming affiliate.
Cool Stuff:
You can sell whatever evil controllers are you can sell again things that help you to are things that are related to video games. And of course, you’re not limited to just video games.
So let’s see what the most popular things right now are so you have trained pet dog you have whatever these things are so like these are the newest and most popular things that they have on their programs right now so this one doesn’t have a ton of like gaming content but it does have a ton of other kinds of things to check.


You can go if you want to become an affiliate for Walmart USA so if you want to start selling Walmart products on your website and this is where you go and so they have all the different offers over here so you can see that they’re doing video games. Ranks 4th in Best gaming affiliate

Variable products:

I like we have a lot of product links so what they have so all kinds of neat stuff you guys can sell on your websites from Walmart and this is also really neat right now because Walmart has their order online then you can go and pick it up thing so somebody can come and order a product tear through your website you get that commission and then they go to their local Walmart and they pick it up so again that’s pretty neat.

Commission Junction

Next, we wanted to show you guys is called commission junction, so again really cool affiliate program has burrowed in here King ones in here not just all kinds of neat stuff if you want to be an affiliate for Toys this is where you go and again it’s the same concept you can sell pretty much anything. Ranks 5th in Best gaming affiliate.

Good commission:

I just want to see what the most popular things on here are all right so here are the newest ones that they have I don’t know what any of these things are you can see them all right here so there you go and again like I said I don’t do a lot of affiliate stuff so what you see where it says – no so your Commission’s are leads everything that’s because I’m not doing this actively.

I’m mostly just working on the Weebly stuff the Hostgator stuff I’m just trying to get all this done next year that’s good the plan so to find offers over here you click on advertisers.

Huge Commission:

Okay so here are their newest things you got 100 dentists 100 get lens one 800 got junk just all kinds of stuff 100 mattresses what else do they have anything cool on here 99 designs these guys do cool website stuff you can make some good money on there so just tells a different affiliate.

Concentrated affiliate:

But if you want to find something specific then you can look for a specific company or you can look for specific keywords so let’s say construction all right, I don’t know this is the company that makes Mudbox they make them they make AutoCAD they make just a whole bunch of different programs are used in the construction industry to like design stuff and things like that what else here’s Grammarly HomeAdvisor, Home Depot of Canada you know just kind of crazy stuff like this so if you want to sell construction products or construction affiliates this is where you go all right and like I said this one is Commission Junction.

So now we’re gonna look at another one this is called a Clickbank and this is another one that’s it has some interesting stuff that’s not one that I use very often see here come over here to the market place and then we can just start looking for different things that we want to promote so arts and entertainment bedding system business and investing. Ranks 6th in Best gaming affiliate.

Very Huge commission:

Let’s look at business and investing bump up international business marketing in sales look at marketing small business big comeback small biz in entrepreneurship that should be
interesting for you guys scroll back up here to the top so we have Thai Lopez’s the 67 step dot-com our steps calm so if you sell that you make an average of one hundred fifty-six dollars per sale what profits I don’t know what that is you make an average of thirty-one dollars life coaching certification gets twelve digital’s to go you get thirteen.

More frequent payout:

And like I said these are all just different programs that you’re able to promote so if you want to become a freight broker or a freight agent in 30 days or less you know that’s something you can promote so there’s to be something really good for you know for truckers and things like that well so they have over here so they have like computers and internet stuff that abuses email service graphics networks operating systems web hosting website design you know just tons and tons of stuff so we’re talking about gaming and we’ll just head over to gaming real quick.

Variety products:

And if I’m not mistaken these are mostly like training modules and things like those things to help you play different video games better so dynasties world of warcraft addon so this was like premium atoms for the world of warcraft same thing here elder scrolls online stuff battlefield one strategy guides league of legends builder package that’s kind of neat you know just neat stuff that you can promote on any website so like the division strategy guide that’s a good one I was actually still getting a lot of traffic and then league of legends anything you do with it legend so is it going to get money but you know you have six pages worth of offers here that you’re able to sell through this particular platform.


We want to be a promoter for Razer okay Razer is a company that makes like mice and keyboards and headsets and stuff like that so all you do is put in Razer Affiliate. Ranks 7th in Best gaming affiliate.

Very cool stuff:

And hey look at the number one result Razer slash affiliate we click on this and this is how you become an affiliate for Razer you can sell their computers you can sell their mics.

Huge Commission:

You can sell anything that they have over here and get a commission off of it earn commission’s up to 20% on the sale of Razer products no fees programs flee or free excuse me just sign up and start selling special promotions creative materials all kinds of neat stuff so if you want to make money on your gaming channel and if you want to promote Razer products all you got to do is sign up for this affiliate program is click right here what’s in join now I think I already signed up for this one but you take that link to stick it in.


That’s for razor this is another neat one that just recently showed up for me this is called re-gaming.

Good analytics:

I grab a link stick that in the description as well there we go and so this one has 463 different offers and these guys promote video games so if you want to play a video game and you want to make a little bit of money off of it it’s not a ton of money.

Moderate commission:

I think you get like between 50 cents to a dollar for every install and they mostly do like like mobile games.


So I mean it’s a little bit of money you can find a game that you like maybe make a little bit of a video on it make a little bit of a blog write something on your Facebook and you stick this link in that description or in that text people download the game you make a dollar so it works pretty good.

Diverse sharing option:

Like I said there are a lot of different ways that you can do this if you want to do it through Weebly guess what Weebly has an affiliate program Wix has an affiliate program Shopify has an affiliate program where is it I can’t remember where this thing is actually.
I don’t want to get under there just in case there’s something sensitive but that is how it works it’s a pretty simple straightforward process all you got to do is find the affiliate program sign up get approved get your link and then you paste it wherever it is you need to now as far as managing the links and clicks what I like to use is a program called bitly.


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