BLACK LIVES MATTER || Is this a chance for ANTIFA to rise in the USA?

Why are Black lives does matter? Before reaching any of its conclusion, I would like to convey the perspective about viewing the black lives.

Neither Black nor White lives, we are a human being at first, and therefore, all lives are equally important on this planet as the presence of other creatures and elements with which the earth is composed of along with its consistency of other components that make up the basement with 71% of water and 29% of the land surface.

Hence, we should forget about discriminating against each other by classifying or dividing it into black and white lives.

Every life matters. We are the same creation of God as the presence of other living beings on this earth.

Whether its plants or animals, either human beings from Asia or Europe or whichever continent, all species and living beings are significantly important for the survival of the planet earth.

When God created us, then we are no one to judge or treat anyone with racial discrimination just because of colors or any other adjectives.

Skin colors are just a mere perspective way of looking. If you truly believe in nature, there are way more than just colors.

Everything has its beauty, like the rainbow which comprises seven distinct colors, but is a mixture of white color and besides, it has a composition of some invisible colors that are beyond the perspective to view from within our naked eyes.

That’s the beauty of nature, everything can’t be similar but may have some unique feature which is essential to have its own identity so, we are nobody to discriminate as a racist.

When and how Black Lives became an important issue consensually? Let us go to the deep core of this amendment that led to the formation of “Black Lives Matter”.

In 2013, Black Lives Matter was made introduced soon after the acquittance of Trayvon Benjamin Martin, a 17-year-old boy of African-American ethnicity in 2012.


The incident took place when in Florida, Trayvon with his father decide for a casual visit to the hometown of his father’s fiancée in Sanford.

He was left shot dead at somewhere to nearby Twin Lakes in Sanford, by George Zimmerman, a community member, who kept watching him for a while and reportedly thought him to be a suspicious person.

After the arrival of police, Zimmerman was being denied the accusation and claimed it to be the case of self-defense.

This immoral act led to the formation and establishment of “Black Lives Matter Foundation, Inc.” jointly by a worldwide organizer’s group including the United States, UK, and Canada, as an important movement that forced it to be considered unanimously.

Several rallies, marches, and objections were being held for Trayvon’s deliberate cause of death against Zimmerman.

A total of 2.2 million signatures were being gathered online, demanding for a complete inspection and legal proceedings against the culprit.

Reasons behind the incorporation of Black Lives Matter Foundation, by global organizers:

The main reason for formulating the foundation for the Black Lives Matter is to wipe out the power of White Lives over Black Lives.

To create a space for local rulers allocating with some power of authority by the state or other authorities who could step in during the conflicts causing vulnerability on Black lives.

To prevent and withstand with contradiction against unnecessary violence and crimes caused by the white people on Black Lives.

Allow room for the invention and creation of Black Lives communities.

By giving rights to the Black Lives in focusing their surroundings and enjoy their journey of being an individual of black life in the community.

How the Foundation is fruitful enough in securing the lives of the black people from around the world:

  • Being a wide range of socializers, who supports incorporating enough space for the people of the black community development far across the national boundaries.
  • By publically declaring and including the black lives irrespective of gender, who have been proved as insignificant and denied in the development of Black liberation.
  • By creating a world where the lives of the black community are no more sacrificed to death.
  • Introducing humanisms in the community and reshaping it in the face of violence or maltreatment.

Why is it important to use the term “Black Lives Matter”?

“Black Lives Matter” is a global organized development that led to the rescuing of people of the black communities. It is incorporated, to protest against violence and ill-treatment imposed on the black lives.

The term “Black Lives Matter” is simply an indication to represent black people of the communities with respect and diligence in society.

Therefore, it is a movement denoting advocacy against prejudices or violent attack held by the police on the black lives.

Black Lives Matter works as a local channel of authority with almost 30 segmentations across worldwide.

Also, it is recognized as the international human rights for black lives in society rather than civil rights.

How did the movement of “Black Lives Matter” gained national recognition?

Following the death of Trayvon in 2012, when again two individual of the same African-American ethnicity, Michael Brown and Eric Garner were shot by a white policeman in 2014.

This time the Ferguson protests and rallies were held in Missouri against the white lives. Soon it became a national headline.

Not only this but many other African-Americans were being killed by the actions of police including some deaths that occurred in police custody.

It became an important matter of discussion in the United States presidential election in 2016. The online creator of #Black Lives Matter extended its system of rescuing the black lives by creating a segmentation of 30 local authorities of power worldwide.

How did Black Lives Matter garner international attention?

When another incident took place on 25 may, 2020, by an African-American man naming George Floyd, who was killed reportedly by a white cop for forging currency in Minnesota.


Floyd was unable to breathe out as the white cop detained his hands and dropped down with his knees on the back of his neck until the victim passed away.

The videos of the violent crime against Floyd were being circulated by the spectators and then, all the four white cops were fired. This way it started to become an international concern of discussion.

History about the existence of Black Lives in the United States: –

In the preceding years of the 1880s, almost 450 thousands of Africans were brought forcefully to America and enslaved.

This way the African black lives came to exist in America, which later gave rise to the United States.

Mostly from West Africa, the black lives were compelled by the white people to be enslaved and were brought in the country through the Atlantic Ocean during the 16th and 19th centuries.

Why is it important to create a movement like #Black Lives Matter? What are the challenges faced by this community?

The movement is important because of the discrimination set by the white people on the black people of the community.

It already had a history in the past that led to the formation of the United States which includes mostly black lives from the African ethnicity.

Let us try finding out the problems faced by the black people of the community that states the necessities and urgency to create a movement for the black people of the societies:

  • White lives are dominant rulers to Black lives in many other ways.
  • There is racial discrimination imposed on the black lives since, an earlier time which is not an easy task to eradicate such differences of discriminating racism in terms of the color of the people.
  • They are judged based on their skin color rather than talents and hard works.
  • Black lives are not granted loans quickly.
  • Also, They are treated less likely in the offices as compared to white lives.
  • And They also have a lower possibility of jobs and considered less fortunate for the good quality of schools.
  • They are not treated well while dealing with cops or in the courtroom.
  • Always ignored because of their racial discrimination.
  • They are left helpless.
  • They were shot dead by white lives usually because of their racial differences.
  • Many black lives were being killed during the encounter while protesting, rallying, marching, and also, some in police custody.
  • They are not considered as prominent figures.
  • No concerns are paid to the issue of racism on them as an important matter.
  • There is a huge difference between the opinion and perspectives shared by the white and black people on improving the racial gaps between the two lives.
  • About a quarter of white Americans believed that the racial issues had gone wrong due to Barrack Obama’s presidency.

What should be done to remove the racism and atrocities for them around worldwide?

  • The first and foremost thing that should be considerably taught and openly talked about is humanisms against each other. 
  • Everyone is obliged to be treated with great respect irrespective of ethnicity or race.
  • They could be allowed to get punished for being a suspected criminal only based on evidence provided.
  • They should be allowed to be centric at times and also, let them enjoy being who they are.
  • Their opinion and perspectives should be considered and given prior importance.
  • Every individual has the right to get proper education belonging to any race or ethnicity.
  • Hard work and talents should be considered foremostly, and commemorate rather than focusing on skin color.
  • Any people of any community irrespective of race can individually contribute so much to this world with their knowledge and experiences which may prove fruitful for the society.
  • Instead of killing them based on racial differences, it would be great enough to discuss bringing changes in the community and solving racial issues with each other.
  • Black people should be appointed at times as prominent leaders so, as to find out the solution to the cause of occurrences of racial differences.
  • An annual meeting should be held for the black people on discussing their problems faced by them in the community.
  • To an extent, some authority of power should be assigned to the local vigilant of black people community on being bullied or harassed by the white lives of the community.
  • Equal opportunity should be presented to both the black and white lives of the community.
  • They should be equally treated with courtesy.

Compare the perspective of the previous and current situation of how they are being treated in the United States.

This comparison is drawn on the perspective of black lives being treated before and after 50 years and not based on the conclusion of the movement of #Black Lives Matter.

  • During the year of 1940, more than half of the black women were domestic helpers but at present mostly, are highly professional workers.
  • The white people had been unfriendly with them since, for a long period and they would eventually, walk away if found next to their home but today, the scenario is far more relaxed and different.
  • There is more friendliness in the white community towards the black people as compared to earlier times.
  • Today, almost 40% of the black population in the United States owns a home just as middle-class people while earlier black people were impoverished.
  • Initially, they weren’t recognized or considered significant, but the view is completely changed at present times.
  • Earlier, they were sourcing income through violence and welfare checks while a majority were land labor and tenant farmers of agricultural land but now, it has changed to a great extent.
  • They were paid low wages and salaries. At present times, they receive 13% lesser income as compared with white people.
  • Fifty years back, black lives were dominated by white lives and were inefficient to receive white-collar jobs while in the late 1970s, there was a massive improvement in the standard of living of the black people.

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