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What is Nojoto?

Nojoto is an expression app where you can share your talent through art, photography, singing, video, poetry, comedy and many others.

  • It basically gives a platform to people to broadcast or podcast their talent on digitally among to people who have mutual interest.
  • It provides lots of features to look amazing your quote, audio and video too. It is the largest storytelling platform which is made in India available on 12 languages.
  • This app not only gives you a platform to share your talent, but also has different programs and assets left for you, so that you can earn money and fame by using their talent.
  • Also, it gives you a large number of audience and money with talent sharing. 

In easy language, you can say like that :>


Here, Users can also like, comment and share on other media platform with others.

Who developed Nojoto?

  • This is fully Indian App and developed by Indians.
  • It is also a approach to make in India like Upmanch is.
  • It founded by a group of members who works as a team on it and came with this app in APRIL, 2017.
  • The CO-Founder names are,
  • Amit Kumar, Pramila Upadhyay, Arun Raina, Kamal Kumar,Satyaprem Upadhyay.

What is different in Nojoto?

Nojoto basically made for people who have a common interest in specific content like art, stories of their own.

It gives a platform where you share many &kind of stories like stories that make everyone happy & sad, which inspires others, makes curious that feel to connect you with millions of people.

Here you can express and talk about your opinion, talk about your feeling, stories which matter in your life.

To enhance your stories you can add background music, stickers. 

Who uses Nojoto?

Any individual can use it for their personal use.

  • You cannot create an account on behalf of your business, organization, or not for any other individual.
  • Because Nojoto does not allow using such account for any commercial use but it cannot be limited for promotion.
  • While opening for an account you should be at least at the age of 13.
  • You should not create more than one personal account.
  • You will not create an account if you convicted of an offense involving moral turpitude.
  • In case Nojoto has to believe that your given information is untrue, inaccurate then it reserves the right to terminate your account.

How to use Nojoto?

  • First download the application from play store.

  • You have to create your profile on this app first.
  • put your basic details, and then you will have to choose your languages.
  • You can choose up to 5 languages in it.

  • After this, you will be able to see your clear profile. Here you will see different features and key options of Nojoto. 

Post Setting 

To add a post or story, you will have to click on the record button, which will give the option to write, record, upload; now you can prepare your story by picking anything according to your requirement.


Now, a lot of options will also open as soon as you choose the writing area, whereby you can do some things, write your stories, poems, your thoughts, and more things.

Along with this, you will get more options in it such as

Add wallpaper

  1. where you can select a photo from your gallery of your writing.
  2. Colors with which you can apply your wallpaper to any one of your solid colors.
  3. You can select here any GIF and write on it.
  4. Also, there will be some default wallpaper picture which you choose.

And for the text, you can also have options like text size, text color, text style, Alignment, text effect, and shadow.

At its next level, you can also write Hashtag in it and you can tag friends by choosing the option of tag friends. 


  1. In the record option, you can record any of your video or audio, but your video or audio should be 10 seconds of work.
  2. On video after recording, you can add music to it where you can add any music in the background, from the volume where you can fix the settings of your audio and music, you can also change the filter settings of your video with the filter option.
  3. Along with this, you will also get the option of ad texts and ad stickers on your video.
  4. And on audio, after recording you will set your background image also here you can add background music too.


  1. In this option, you can upload any of your videos from your gallery.
  2. You can also check your Popular post, Latest post, All Videos, and Repost (it is related to that video or post which you share onto your profile created by others, not by you ).
  3. You can also share any story with different social media.

Profile setting 

  • You can set you profile setting as per your personal choices.
  • In your profile you set your profile picture and write about yourself in short description.
  • Here, you check your followers and total views on your profile. 
  • Now by clicking on setting in profile menu you alter some settings like.; 
  • Content Language: Choose your content language but it cannot be more than 5 languages.

Account setting:

in this you set your login id’s from different social account like gmail, facebook, email too. Here you can check about your google portfolio which shows your account on google engine. 

From account setting you also check your wallet and order from Nojoto.                        

Privacy Setting:

Here you cannot be set your profile as private but  You can set your comments setting onto private, friends, or

Publically. The block and tag people option is also there.

Genera setting:

here you can set your notification sound only


By this you can join Nojoto team personally on their different site or media like FB group, FB page, Instagram Profile, Nojoto Blogs, Youtube Channel.

The feature that  Nojoto has

Nojoto has lots of features which is not useful for the user but also Beneficial for them.

It divides the features into some sections that you clearly have shown on the profile when you open. In the upper section, there are :  

  • Nojoto Wallet Services, you can use any product and services of Nojoto, just you have to recharge your wallet.

  • But with this wallet, you will be able to use it only for Nojoto. You must be above 18 years of age to avail of this wallet.
  • Share: Share your stories with your friends on other social media platforms easily.

  • Friends: you can invite your friends to Nojoto and have fun together.

In the bottom section you find,

  • Home: Here you see other stories that could be your friend’s story or many others. In that you like, comment, Repost, or share their stories too.

  • Explore: In this option, you will see a search option from where you can search people and stories.
  • Here you will also see the option of upcoming live shows, which live shows will be in which topic and when.
  • Along with this, you will also find trending videos, latest videos, and videos above the content of some currently trending topics such as #independenceday2020; #Azaadmann; #dilbechara. 

Explore Nojoto

  • You will also see stars of Nojoto in the explore option.
  • These stars will be seen on the day’s recording of the performance.
  • Here you can see the categories of Silver and Gold Star also, from which the user has got Gold and Silver Star Budges so that they have come in the list of Star.
  • Add: here you add your stories.
  • Notification: Here you will get notifications related to your post, such as liking or comment on your post also you can also see the notification of any person who is following you.

  • Profile: In  this, you have you’re your profile and post setting option and menu.

Nojoto have extra feature like

  • Live shows in it users  can manage their live show on their own by simply filling up some basic details about their event such as event description, registration information collection and other such features. 
  • But to avail this service, users have to fulfil some eligibility criteria, only after which they can participate on it.
  • Nojoto also provide subscription services “Nojoto Gold”. By using this service you can watch any unlimited live shows. But for this you have to buy its plan.
  • The Nojoto team also organizes several programs at different times to motivate and Encourage Artist by their Partner Program. 
  • It will also provide Badges & Awards to artist to recognise their talent.

Reasons why should you consider to using Nojoto

For the present situation most of people like to share their own video’s, thoughts instead of others. They developed their talent skill on digital platform.

Nojoto app is not only provide to write or share own skill and talent but here you can also appreciates others abilities and expertise.

Here is some strong point to believe you that why it is best for this type of content on digit era.

  • Design your own video & recordings: Nojoto is one only app where you upload your video based on the content like either your thoughts, poetries, happing moment and  some inspiring reality or stories of your life or like whatever you want to share. There is no time limit for your video.

Watch live shows in Nojoto

  • Leave with live shows: For an artist the best option to connect with his audience is live show. Also give them opportunity to potentially develop their fan base early on.
    • Normally, to organise a live show is a matter of highly expenditure and lots of team work.
      • Generally people not afford or singly convenient if they are on their starting stage.
      • But on this app, there is no need of lots of team work and money, it provide you a facility where you conduct a live shows among the people on digitally.
      • Many of people get popular by using these features. The Dreams of live shows that give you a feel of some popular artist is fulfil here.
      • Also if you are a shy person or having a fear to interact with audience but on the other side you have lots of thoughts and talent which absolutely have to share among the people then you have a right platform.
      • Here, you get noticed by audience, there is obviously not need to physical interaction with audience.
      • So, on this app you can come up with an entertaining performance like poetry, comedy, RAP, storytelling and talk about your life experience or anything else you want to share to teach people.

Open Mic Nojoto

  • Unlimited writing: This app is free of cost or not limited edition. Here you can write unlimited things.
    • You can share your thoughts, ideas on endless mode.
    • You can also choose your preferred language, here 12 languages is available.
    • Nojoto facilitate for you unlimited writing with unlimited words.
    • You can write starting the text size 16px to 144px.
    • At this place, text colour, solid background colour, text style, alignment, wallpaper, gif writing, text effect and shadow is accessible for look beauteous. 
  • Background music:  Another most important feature is setting background music on your video. Adding a background music make your video more attracting. Background music helps shape emotional responses, create a rhythm to scene and segments. Most of people get extra app only for adding background music in their video. But it is all in one app which provides all your needed   features in one area at one time.
  • GIF fun:  Here you can also show your quotes and writing skill with gif videos. Simple here, you can take any of your gifts, by defaulting on their default gif, you can also show your writing talent on it. Quotes of this method are liked and shared a lot by people these days.
  • Create your own audience:  Mostly seen in digital platforms that people do not increase their audience even after being talent because in this largest world of digital, they get lost in lot of content.
    • But, now a days Nojoto is one  only medium through which you can find out not only audience but popularity too.
    • Here, you will find millions of audiences like you who will not only catch your talent but will also share to others. Here you will get your real appreciation.
  • Get famous:  As known by everyone that in very short time Nojoto has made its way onto the digital platform.
    • If an artist shares his talent here, he can become famous very soon. Recently, interviews of many Nojoto artists were published in Newspaper.
    • Nojoto nor give a platform to an artist but he also shares their talent on his different-different social site.
    • To make you famous, Nojoto also organize different programs on which you can easily participate without any cost.

Open Mic Nojoto

  • Bag of Entertainment : Nojoto is a complete entertainment box  where you can spend your time with lots of fun.
    • This app is not only for artist but also for entertainment of normal human being  where they can see new videos, stories, poetries, thought of different different people  as an new and fresh concept.
  • Choose categories: Here you can see different types of videos and writing as per your choice. Also here you get the option of choose  category which saves your time to see your favourite things.
  • Part in various programs & earn from it : Nojoto also give you the opportunity to participate in different programs so that not only can you improve your talent further but you can  also earn money from it.
    • You will also get name and fame by its programs which help you to encourage more you inner talent and concept.
    • Many people will able to see your talent in one go. For this, you have to complete some simple criteria and this program is free of cost to participate in it. 

Earn from Nojoto

Main Advantage of using it

  • You can get a live show online.
  • By using the gold membership you can interact with your favourite artist LIVE.
  • By participating in NOJOTO Programs you can earn money from your talent.

  • By using Nojoto wallet you can made payment easy.
  • Here, you earn BADGES by Nojoto team of your hard working. This badges shown on your profile.

So, if you wanna get part of this or give a chance to show your talent then it is a right platform don’t wait for anything start you journey only on Nojoto and start learning and, earning on it, discover you thoughts and ideas, Encourage you inner talent and encourage others too.


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