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Who is Sheik Dina Baisnabi?

Sheik Dina Baisnabi is a popular vocalist from Bangladesh, Dhaka. Besides that, she is well-known and popular by her own added nick-name “Baisnabi” alongside her full name “Sheik Dina”, which means a worshipper of “Lord Vishnu” or a disciple of “Chaitanya”.

  • Sheik Dina Baisnabi was born on 3rd February, at Chittagong city, Dhaka. She completed her education from North South University.
  • She is a fluent speaker in both American English and Bengali languages. Currently, her marital status is single. 
  • She has worked in several events with popular faces in Bangladesh and around the world.

Her Work and Achievements in brief

  • Sheikh Dina Baisakhi started her journey from North South University where she completed her education and worked at North South University Shangskritik Sangathan. 
  • Subsequently, she also worked for Bloom where she was assigned the role of model management in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Previously, her profile and status were of a singer and a Director at Western Park Community center at Chittagong, Dhaka.
  • From 2016 to 2017, she was working with North South University Cine & Drama Club and modeling for Azra Mahmood’s Grooming and Casting Studio. 
  • Between 2019 and 2020, the journey to her successful career path didn’t stop here as she even worked with National Bank Limited.
  • Today, she is a well-known vocal artist of the band formerly known as Ektara, meaning “One Star or, either One String”, for which she is identified as a popular singer in Bangladesh and garnered huge recognition from global platforms like the United Kingdom, India, Nepal, and Pakistan.
  • Now, she is a vocal artist at Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, U.K, and also, currently in 2020, performed for the National Academy of Performing Arts. 
  • Alongside, she currently owns the clothing brand “FARDI” in Bangladesh, which focuses on delivering an amalgamation of trendy, fashionable, and good quality of stylish clothes.

How did “Sheikh Dina Baisnabi” emerged as a popular vocalist in Bangladesh??

Journey and struggles of Sheikh Dina from spending her childhood in Chittagong city, adulthood in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and to renaming her as “Sheikh Dina Baisnabi”, a popular vocalist from Bangladesh to an international level:

  • Sheikh Dina is extremely hardworking and an applauded vocalist from Bangladesh.
  • Besides, she is also an entrepreneur, who possess the skills and talents to represent and gain recognition even at global platforms.
  • Before reaching high altitudes of success and corresponding at a global level, she had faced many difficulties and obstacles in her real life.
  • It is only because of her intense hard work and dedication at her extremities that led her to overcome the difficulties and conquer the world and achieve her desired accomplishments.
  • When she was too young, that is right after qualifying and leaving her high-school, she solely and with full bravery ran away from her parent’s home, at Chittagong city in search and admiration of her new and first-ever real love for “North-South University”.
  • While narrating her own story, she described it as struggling tales. Sheikh Dina, despite the fact, hates struggle story-telling.
  • She evokes quotes from her favorite teacher “Parisa Sakur” and reminds herself and believes that “a story can be told about oneself only when there is a struggle involved in it”.
  • In simple terms, it means that when a person struggles to achieve some goals in life and works hard for it only then, there can be a story to tell everyone.

She was passionate about learning music since, a young age. She was the youngest and only daughter of her parents among her four brothers and that was the reason she was the dearest child of her male-dominant family and also, she was the most ruled. However, her family was never excited to teach her the music. They used to question her choices for music.

Apart from Music Why is Sheik Dina Baisnabi so popular?

Apart from music, her mind was always drawn on other cultural work. She was eager and passionate about holding cultural works since, a young age.

She would feel intuitive about being born for athletics music and songs. 

Though her family knew, that she possesses a different personality with different types of passion than their other kids and members of the family, and despite the fact, she would participate in school and won trophies for singing sports songs, her parents never supported or understood the love and passion for her music. 

  • Music was not only the cause and end of her problems but other than the music that stood as barriers between her career was the rousing of marriage talks since, a young age.
  • She was forced to get prepared for marriage convocation. As her parents would be always questioned by everyone for getting her ready for marriage.
  • She was mentally pressurized by these circumstances at home. No one understood how deeply she was disheartened and that she remained upset all the time. 
  • It is more shocking to hear that she was first asked to get married at a very young age but somehow, it didn’t go well with the family for some reason.
  • This led to her take an instant decision soon after passing out from higher secondary as she was unable to survive the marriage stress.
  • Now, this time she took the courage to ran away alone from Chittagong city and got shifted to Dhaka.
  • This decision was solely taken by herself and somehow, she managed to escape from her parents’ home. It was the new beginning of her life towards her desired career.

Devoting herself to culture as a meditator of it.

  • She instantaneously got admitted to North South University in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and united with Naseu Cultural Organization.
  • Apart from this, she alongside kept in continuation with her other desired and wishful passions for modeling, acting, and singing.
  • She was fascinated and mesmerized with her newly formed musical team with which she collaborated.
  • After struggling for so long, and crossing over the hurdles was a kind of big achievement and relief to her pains.
  • She would feel glad and proud to be a part of the music team which was given by her campus.

Formation of new musical band called “ONE STAR”

After reaching the final year of her graduation, she got to create and incorporate her musical team.

  • The musical band formerly came to be known as “One Star”. She was always proud and extremely thankful to all the musical team members with which the “One star” was formed.
  • One fine day, when she was sitting with her musical band in the gallery of her university, she didn’t realize the existence of cruelty among her friends.
  • After some days, passed away, the song was released and played on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.
  • It got viral without her consent. She was completely shocked and didn’t got believe in the existence of such people in her life.
  • Two of her songs soon garnered huge popularity on social media platforms.

Sheik Dina Baisnabi also garnered recognition in global platforms

  • She would also, perform and represent her Native Bangladesh, many times on global platforms.
  • Besides, her real dream and wish were to represent her country’s Folk songs at global platforms.
  • Finally, her dream was manifested into reality. She received the opportunity in the Folk endeavor and got invited to music festivals from around different nations of England, Nepal, Pakistan, and India, to represent her own country at such international platforms.
  • She was working with the British Council and Art Council England on the digital surface which was arranged by Transforming Narratives. 
  • She also received collaboration from the Pakistani band which was formerly known as “Sounds of Kolachi”.
  • When she was invited to this Pakistani music festival which was organized by NAPA International Performing Art in Pakistan, she states that this was the proudest and happiest moment of her life as she sang her Native’s song “O my country’s soil” on the grounds of Pakistan.
  • Besides, along with Sounds of Kolachi and Sheikh Dina were also, interviewed and performed live on Dost Kya Scene Hai with Dino Ali.
  • Sheikh Dina also describes herself as being a traveler. She feels like an open-air bird who keeps on singing and flying at different places.
  • Besides, she also stated involving and getting engaged in a new small scale business where she sees herself as a new entrepreneur.

What is life to a Sheik Dina Baisnabi?

  • She thinks and imagines and proclaims about the unbelievable journey of her life that stood and exists because she took the courage to fled away from her hometown, Dhaka and that she never let down her desires to sit back.
  • She states further, that who would have thought, I would reach so far and achieve success in life.
  • She also adds up saying since, a young age, it was her desire and dream to sing and be independent.
  • She concludes by encouraging everyone to daydream and even dream while you sleep because if you don’t dream, you won’t live your desired life and also, cannot achieve anything.
  • She further believes that her dream and passion might be a nightmare to someone and they may be looking for some flaws on her including every aspect of her life.
  • She reckons herself as a flower. She believes that everyone loves flowers and that some may even relish the smell of flowers by maintaining a clear-cut distance from the fragrance of those particular flowers. 
  • She further exclaims that to achieve and embrace those stardoms in life, she had to struggle a lot and completely got indulge and dealt with her passion and desires of her life again and again without broking down even from afar apart, while some may be drawn away from those passions by misconception and false attitudes towards life and even some may have completely got frightened and stepped back from their real-life goals.
  • She considers herself as a strong girl with strong morale who cannot be easily drawn away from her real-life goals and passion and that no one can break her down even from the distance.
  • Sheikh Dina had been struggling to be a singer and be independent in her life, since her childhood. She had faced many difficulties and tried her best to overcome those hurdles.
  • She was praying and had been looking for ways since childhood to conquer those achievements in her life.
  • She thinks and expresses about her struggling time to get over one day and believes that some fine day, she would be demonstrated as Ahalya.
  • She also, firmly believes that whether dreams are manifested into reality or not but the eyes still suspect and work hard to make it alive.
  • They are the ones who show the path to believe everything into reality and that they also, give the hopes to live life and make it possible at fullest.

Sheik Dina’s manifestation to approach the real purpose of life

  • This part is extracted from her Talibaari Day’s post where she recalls her past life and reveals information about her real life and hometown where she was born in an ancient withered concrete town without any presence of greenery.
  • It was all over surrounded by walls. Her eyes were dying to look for greens and surround herself with all over green plants and trees.
  • She further states that recently, she got introduce to someone who was born in a green environment and also, possesses a heart of the green.
  • She went with him to a compact village to incorporate a Talibari together. Talibari means the “house of rice of tali”. The house is located at a place in the world that had surpassed the Cancer Line.
  • She further writes that the place faces dense rainfall during the rainy season and so, the soil is more fertile.
  • She adds up saying that together they constructed the house with bamboos and embedded all over with green leaves, planted trees, and sowed many seeds on the soil.
  • Now the home has many flowers and became a visiting spot of many unknown birds. Together they both enjoy the different climatic conditions of that place.
  • She has a dream and aspires to live in everyone’s heart. She also wants others to possess a love for her with great admiration.
  • She loves green and wants to spend her life with greenery all over her surroundings.
  • She wants to be relaxed and embrace greenery as she believes that nature offers peace.

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