Taalpatar shepai || The most Underrated Bangla Band Journey

Taalpatar shepai Is a musical duo presenting different genres of music through their musical productions.

  • It’s a huge sensation to the tech-savvy teenagers of the present generation.
  • The number of subscribers on their YouTube channel hit 1.43 lakh subscribers winning a Next up award in 2019.
  • The excellent videography, as well as cinematography, boosted the fan following like anything. 
  • They are known to be humble to their fans. The fantastic storyline is their signature. 
  • Unique concepts and down to earth music makes them the famous musical duo. Songs are close to the ground making it acceptable to a large population. 
  • Exploring different genres of music is a feature of this band. The guitarist does wonders with his guitar. 
  • The comic touch in videos presents a unique essence. Different social and political messages are magnificently portrayed in their videos. 


The simplicity and smell of village soil in their songs act as a catalyst in their musical career. The young generation finds the songs relatable to life. Rabindra-sangeet covers are magnificently produced by them.

  • It emerged out to be one of the best creative artists in today’s world. Lyrics are just unique and adorable enough to attract Audiences. Amidst crowds of EDM and fast track, these guys are creating nostalgia. 
  • Creations are rich in Bengali traditions. They carry on their hobby smoothly without disrespecting their own culture, without hurting public sentiments, thus making themselves favorite to all ages ranging from young to old. 
  • Music brings a calm and peaceful effect that is satisfied with their creations. They teach messages of humanity through their songs.
  • In a word, the songs contain a unique sense of humor and level of creativity. Classical covers touch many hearts undoubtedly.
  • Their self-made songs add an extra feather to their fame. Background shots are just a treat to the eyes as they portray the entire Indian antiquity.


It’s a trending band with  PRITAM DAS as vocals and pianos, SUMON GHOSH as the guitarist, and KRITEE ROY as a lyricist.  


  • The vocalist Pritam das used to cultivate songs from early childhood but didn’t have any special interest in learning music rather was keen on drawing.
  • But owing to his mother’s wish, he began to learn music. In childhood, the songs of evergreen singers on the radio inspired him much.
  • He performed solo in different stage programs as well as television. Once on a fine day, one of his friends suggested he open a band.
  • Initially, Pritam Das was confused about the decision but with the help of his friend, he got introduced to the rock music of Bengal. But the band didn’t work well and unfortunately broke. 


  • Later, Pritam Das met with Sumon Ghosh and jointly created another band called TAALPATAR SHEPAI. 
  • Once, while seeing a movie of the late Actor Uttam Kumar, Pritam das listened to a song by Shyamal Mitra. 
  • These songs were just a treat to his childhood. He decided to make a remake of the same song. 
  • He intended to make the song popular to the young generation by singing it in a modern style, to breach the gap between old and new generation songs.


  • Initially, they didn’t have a sufficient budget to produce the song.
  • According to their capacity, they recorded and mixed the song with a video and uploaded the same on their official YouTube channel.
  • Unfortunately, the video didn’t get a sound response. But the one who heard the song by soul admired it very much.
  • But the low response couldn’t demotivate them and thus they moved on.
  • Then, they tried to represent the famous song, “O Amar  Desher Mati” in a new style. It was uploaded from another YouTube channel having greater reach than them.
  • Though the response this time was admirable as compared to the last one but still it wasn’t satisfactory. Suman Ghosh opened a page on Facebook and named it TAALPATAR SHEPAI and uploaded the video there.
  • The video received an overwhelming response on Facebook with 20 million views. Gradually the band became more acceptable to the common mass.
  • Thus, cover songs by the band alarmingly reached their fame.


Now they thought of something new. They decided to write their lyrics and own songs, totally entitled to the band only.

  • According to the plan, they set the milestone by their very first song-“AMI SUDHU KHUJECHI AMAY”.
  • The song was written by SOUMOBROTO SARKAR  and the tune was given by ARUNDHATI ADHIKARI. The song was shoot in Meghalaya for three days. It was a tough shooting time for the band as Weather was unfavorable. 
  • Despite unfavorable conditions, they finished the shooting, and surprisingly it touched all hearts. 
  • This way, their journey continued bragging more victories. Today, their Facebook page earned almost more than 1.5 lakh followers.
  • Simultaneously their YouTube channel earned a follower blast of nearly 1.5 lakh subscribers.
  • They started this band with some friends in their circle concerned with cinematography. 
  • The latest cover “O Amar Desher Mati”  involved much hard work and a lot of effort. 

They wanted to keep the song away from overcrowding or being much well programmed. They wanted to add the essence of simplicity to the song.


  • As the popular song involved people from all castes and religions of the country, they decided to shoot the sequences of the music video in a village where rice crop was harvesting.
  • They didn’t have any idea about how much it will work. Random shots were taken. But after editing the shots at home, the band realized that the shots were not too bad.
  • Although the vocalist Pritam Das wasn’t much satisfied, still he had no option rather than moving forward with the same. One of their heart touching self-creation was Ami sudhu khujechi amay.


A sudden thought came to Pritam’s head that people are always keen on recognizing others.

  • Mostly they are concerned with the question if he or she loves me. People always want to know about the person he is dealing in the opposite. 
  • But what about recognizing oneself. In the satellite world, everyone is concerned some way or another with another person they’re interested in.
  • They find a little time to think about themselves. Ami sudhu khujechi amay was a song entirely based on this phenomenon.
  • The song portrayed the fact “knowing myself is quite hard”. We often ponder on memories thinking ourselves to be stupid to do something that our mind supported that time.
  • Thus, realizing one’s own identity is indeed ambiguous. They decided to shoot the song in Meghalaya. There was, unfortunately, bad weather as it rains often in Meghalaya.
  • Most of the comments on the YouTube video of the song were concerned with the question asking about the location of their first shoot of the song. It had a short story behind the scene. 


  • Firstly their taxi driver was taking them to some other location. Pritam Das was looking outside the window and enjoying the scenic view. 
  • He noticed that the road was beautiful. So a gradual plan came up for shooting the music right there.
  • As the weather is always cloudy in Meghalaya, they got a natural dim diffused light ideal for shooting.
  • Thus they shoot the first shot there. The first-day shoot went well but they fell sick due to weather conditions. 
  • But they couldn’t stop as they had to complete the shoot. Thus they started the next day with 10 kg bags each, camera tripod.
  • Everyone had a lot of luggage s with them. They trekked for almost 30-40 minutes and reached a location. Unfortunately, it was raining there too.
  • After trying hard, they couldn’t take any shot and they had to return. They were devastated thinking that they might be unable to complete the video.
  • The scenario there was much different from Bengal. The third day, they tried again. By the third day, they were even sicker.
  • On the third day too, they had no idea about the location and it was shot randomly.
  • Thus the will to do something pushed them harder always which resulted in their present fame and popularity.


Returning home, they found that the video was not up to the mark. It couldn’t reach their expectations.

  • But it was well nigh impossible for them to go back to Meghalaya to shoot again. Thus, they tried altering the script in some places.
  • Their dedication proved that if anything is wanted, my soul, 
  • It can be achieved. After brainstorming about the script for many days, Pritam thought he was just overthinking as they could easily show some common traveling scenes like brushing teeth and some daily scenes.
  • Thus they came up with some casual shots. Lastly, they had some scenes which were extremely funny to all.
  • But that was the climax of their video as they had no other option better than this. Lastly, they came up with the final video which received positive reviews. Nothing was planned in their career.


The band is an inspiration for teenagers confused about their life.

They suffered many obstacles in their way of the musical journey but they overcame it. Moving forward was their main criteria. We got to learn much from their journey.


“Moshader chumu” was entirely a musical comedy. It sarcastically pointed out the political and social loopholes of the current society.

  • It also portrayed fake promises of political leaders, bad road conditions, etc. “Ami cheye cheye dekhi Sara din “ was a mixture of romance as well as comedy.
  • The way they continued their singing after felling down from the scooter made us all laugh our hearts out. At the same time, the urge to propose to his crush made us go “awwwww”.
  • The rising musicians are much inspired by their way of thinking. The best part of this band is their “Down to Earth” nature.
  • The simple, beautiful love life of Bengali teens has depicted thoroughly through this song. The Bengali outfit like Punjabi and a simple Bengali locality simply added traditional sentiments to the song which helped to gain more and more followers.


  • Not only Bengalees, but followers from all around the world are also getting addicted to their music every day. The locations are just panoramic.
  • It’s a total of three In one voucher with good music, excellent script, and awesome location. 
  • Chader sohor is another cover by them which shows the freedom from the daily monotonous routine. 
  • The locations are mainly chosen in rural areas which hold an impact on the rural beauty of Bengal. 
  • Their signature style is their scooter which is a constant feature in every video. Fan compilations on their official page show their popularity. 


Another short cover is farewell Kolkata. It’s a piece of short music over the nostalgia felt while bidding goodbye to Kolkata. They are so very talented that they created a song composed of different comments from fans and posted it. 

Oi janalar kache bose ache is a beautiful cover portraying a girl waiting by the window and enjoying the nature outside. 

  • The location of the song cover “Rim jhim jhim” was best. The graphic designs and illustration s are highly admired.
  • Another inspirational song over humanity-hal na charar gaan was based on the philosophy that humans learned never to give away and this one should try and try again. 
  • The melody of the evergreen song cover “Jeno kichu mone korona” is no doubt a heartthrob for people of all ages. No sexual vulgarity is ever portrayed in their work. It is the song of soil. 
  • Thus Taalpatar shepai is no doubt winning hearts all over the world. The song cover of “O Dayal” was just a magical milestone.


Finally, the Bengali music industry got some great independent musicians.

  • The point of attraction always remains the same that is simplicity and flawless creativity. They proved the language of music is the most needed thing to reach the soul.
  • They involved no branded heroine, no foreign location, no dashing hero. 
  • The way of expression and the style… both are amazing indeed. They are said as Gupi bagha of the present generation. Every time they establish the fact, “old is gold”.
  • There is such calmness and a soothing aura on the video gives immense satisfaction. 
  • The songs are very pretty and the lines mentioned are having such a deep feeling. With a 100/100 in every aspect, it is no wonder that the band will be one of the best bands in no time. 


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