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What is Upmanch?

Upmanch is India’s 1st Global Social Media Platform to connect 1.40 billion people at one platform.

  • Upmanch is an idea to provide a platform to connect people and businesses. Here you can share photos, ideas, videos, files.
  • On Upmanch you can connect with your friends, family members, can chat with them, can share ideas, photos, videos, audio files, etc.
  • You can set your privacy as you want public or private as you want. You can create pages for your business, can create groups to build a strong community, and much more.
  • It is also named as India’s Facebook or India’s first Social networking site.

Who is the creator of Upmanch?

  • A young Indian IT Professional, The Mind Behind Upmanch is S.Kumar, Who dreamed to provide a platform to every Indian. He started working on his idea in September 2019 along with his team of professionals.
  • After 8 months of hard work, this team finally come up with India’s 1st Social media Platform.
  • We are here to build a strong community, where people can connect with each other and can share their ideas, views, moments, and can also connect with the businesses.
  • Upmanch has been started in Panchkula, Haryana, India. S.Kumar is the Founder of the Upmanch Social Media App.

Why India needs its own social media site?

  • In this data ovulating era we can say Time is less money than Data. Which complies that “Data is money”.
  • And India is the second-largest populated country in the world, around 1/6th of the Worlds total population.
  • So India holds the biggest chunk of Data in the world.
  • As India is holding the biggest chunk of data, that means India has more money?? The answer is No. 
  • Because although India has its data, India is using Applications from other countries which are resulting in leakage of data from India and making other countries rich.
  • You can find here that India is the largest Facebook using country in the world.
  • So if India is digitalized already, why not Indians make their own applications?

Why do people like it mostly in India?

Now everybody knows the condition in the world due to COVID-19 in which everyone makes a social distance and not gathering for more parties and get together.

On the other hand used to touch with their friends, relatives, family, colleagues by social media.

But in India due to some dissonance and boycotting some app’s every Indian now pay attention to the local product or services and make to use Vocal For Local.

So, here is the best time to lunch the 1st social platform where everybody get in touch with their people and has different updates about them.

Most people now starting to using and also recommending others to use this app by sharing.

Upmanch is the best example of Atmanirbhar Abhiyan. Tagging made-in-India would establish assurance among its users.

Also, in this crisis, it will help to monetary fence in the Indian economy with its geographical boundaries.

15 Features of Upmanch

Upmanch is having all the basic features which a social media sites basically need. Though it has not started in its full mood yet.

Below are some of the features Upmanch have:

      1. Sharing Multimedia.
      2. Chatting with known and unknown persons.
      3. Sharing your views through posting a blog.
      4. Embed-in-post.
      5. Social plugins.
      6. Events.
      7. Newsfeeds.
      8. Advertising.
      9. Business use of social media.
      10. Personal status of privacy.
      11. Places, weather, disaster updates, etc.
      12. Friends, groups.
      13. Likes, reactions, and comments.
      14. Birthday notifications.
      15. Live videos.

What key feature Upmanch has?

It is a free social media app with all of the smart functions. It is a combination of various media app with its combination features like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Here a few feature that people started using it:

Upmanch is user friendly.  It is the by-product of three prominent social media app i,e

Facebook > the home page of Upmanch resembles of Facebook

Instagram > like Instagram you can follow your person or people and make your followers accordingly.

Telegram > like telegram big flies can be promptly shared with friends.

Whatsapp & Messenger > messaging strive is quite similar to WhatsApp and messenger like

  1. a) Group chat, b) status, c)video call, etc.

Upmanch comes with fewer options and more features that can readily trigger the users of the Indian diaspora. It has only 4 display options which are more effective compare to Facebook.

Those options are:

I) Home > show all the posts of your following with daily update. It upfront the most recent post of the following on the top.

II) Notification > in the bar all the notification related to post, comment likes are simply shown here.

III) Search > You can search people up over there either your followers/following or an unknown person also you will clearly search anybody either its User, Page or Group.

IV) Profile > The option consists of a number of options like Full Details of your profile, message, pages, groups, Album, Pictures, Videos, Saved Post of your own or others, etc.

Unlike Facebook, it has more extra features in the post like with all features of Facebook it has some extra features which make different it from others.

The extra features in it are the POLL option. In this, you can make your audience with an interest in your post by using these extra features.

The poll option basically stands with some statement or question with 4 options of it .. which normally people like to make answers in it.

Now, here is one more important function is there “ Verification” which means your account is verified and original which is only available on a good platform for that you have to simply enter your passport details and it will be verified easily.

Features that use for post 

Stickers: You can make your post by posting simply stickers depending upon your mood or choice,

Live Location: you make your post by sharing your live location

Polls: It is a good option to play some games with everyone by using it

Also, you share files, photos, videos, Thoughts.

How old do we have to be to use Upmanch?

According to the terms of services, users must be 13. You have to enter your birth date to set up an account, but there’s no age verification.

Also, you can use it under your parent’s guidance.

How to create a Upmanch profile in an Android device?

Now after all these irrelevant talks we come to the main topic. So to create Upmanch profile you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the play store and download the APP on your mobile or you can click here.

  • Open the APP while downloaded and click allow to access your media, files, photos on your device.




  • Now you need to Register if you are going to open the account first time.

  • Provide your real details in Upmanch APP so that people can find you when they search in the APP.

  •  Set your other profile details as per your own convenience.

  •  Set your own fancy profile picture.

  • Start with your first post on Upmanch.

What does the Playstore review say about Upmanch?

In between some days of launching the App, Upmanch became a highly rated application in Playstore. It is having a rating of 4.7 right now. We will update you on the rating after people start using it in its full swing.



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